Million Mask March – 1,000,000,000,000 Mask Revolution

1,000,000,000,000 Mask Revolution Flyer passed around in some North American cities today. Revolution is here, expect that. Random Tweets: Protest on the march #5thNov #MillionMaskMarch — CWN (@Cyber_War_News) November 5, 2013 #Anonymous has unleashed a global uprising in 50+ countries. Has this ever been done before? World History. #MMM — Jayron (@Jayron26) November 5, […]

Storming the Breach: A Guide to the 2013 Hurricane Season

StB is an online magazine for preparing New Yorkers to inhabit the catastrophe of the present and render that opening an irrevocable revolutionary fact. Visual heavy, forward looking, tactile, and on a warpath, StB is a call to the makers & hackers, picklers & preppers, cleanup crews and revolutionaries. For hurricane parties everywhere! Featuring the […]

Blocking the Flows & Becoming Territory: #IdleNoMore and the ZAD

The following texts analyze two movements that oppose large scale infrastructural projects (and much more) through the blockading, occupation and delinking of territories. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, these infrastructure or apparatuses are an instantiation of preemptive counter-insurrection in that they both produce and render spaces and populations governable by preventing other forms-of-life from emerging. By […]