Blocking the Flows & Becoming Territory: #IdleNoMore and the ZAD

The following texts analyze two movements that oppose large scale infrastructural projects (and much more) through the blockading, occupation and delinking of territories. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, these infrastructure or apparatuses are an instantiation of preemptive counter-insurrection in that they both produce and render spaces and populations governable by preventing other forms-of-life from emerging. By […]

UMF #4: The Real is on the Rise (May 2012)

When we took over the Vietnam Memorial on May 1, we were surrounded. We were surrounded on all sides by the infrastructure of this world, all that sustains it beyond its expiration like a giant life support system: the buildings that house corporations, the surveillance cameras, the police, the hostile architecture of the park itself, […]

UMF #3: We’ve Found Love in a Hopeless Place (December 2011)

Somewhere someone said, “I’m sick of this life” -an unspeakable phrase since the early 2000s that was relegated to the minor purview of school and workplace shooters, freaks, and the angry. Today, however there has been an utterly decisive, monstrous shift; “We’re sick of this life” is the new consensus. But elsewhere someone also said, […]

Second Update on the Movement of Freaks in New York City (Late October 2011)

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has been going on for over a month now, and against all predictions, it continues to grow in its own particular, weird way.  What follows is a brief account of recent events and some thoughts on the situation in progress. This letter is for our friends here, in the occupations in […]