Prop. 6 – Communism

Proposition VI: On the one hand, we want to live communism; on the other, to spread anarchy.

WE ARE LIVING through times of the most extreme separation. The depressive normality of the metropolis, its lonely crowds, expresses the impossible utopia of a society of atoms.

The most extreme separation reveals the content of the word “communism.”

The communist question is about the elaboration of our relationship to the world, to beings, to ourselves.

Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks gather during the "week of indignation" in Bogota

To need is never about needing things without at the same time needing worlds.


The Party is a collection of places, infrastructures, communized means; and the dreams, bodies, murmurs, thoughts, desires that circulate among those places, the use of those means, the sharing of those infrastructures.


From every side we oppose the blackmail of having to choose between the offensive and the constructive, negativity and positivity, life and survival, war and the everyday. We will not respond to it.


In a general way, we do not see how anything else but a force, a reality able to survive the total dislocation of capitalism, could truly attack it, could pursue the offensive until the very moment of dislocation.


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