Blocking the Flows & Becoming Territory: #IdleNoMore and the ZAD

The following texts analyze two movements that oppose large scale infrastructural projects (and much more) through the blockading, occupation and delinking of territories. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, these infrastructure or apparatuses are an instantiation of preemptive counter-insurrection in that they both produce and render spaces and populations governable by preventing other forms-of-life from emerging.

By blocking rail lines, highways, borders, and construction sites, it’s not only that the circulation of commodities is being disrupted. Instead the very means by which this society holds itself together are being subverted. Thus alongside the blockades: in France there is the becoming territory of the Zone a Défendre (ZAD) and in Canada the intensification and expansion of native territories. In the proliferation of such movements and their continuation beyond a certain point, government can be broken and insurrectional spaces can become revolutionary.

The Economics of Insurgency: Thoughts on Idle No More & Critical Infrastructure by Shiri Pasternak
Peaceful Protests Profit from History of Militant Resistance by Zig Zag

Zone A Défendre: Against the Notre-Dame-des-Landes Airport
On the Ongoing Insurrection of Notre-Dame-des-Landes by anonymous
Opposants aux vieilleries du futur by anonymous (français/translator needed)


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